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What You Should Consider Before Buying

With the onslaught of different dumbbells on the market, finding the right dumbbell set has become extremely difficult. Before purchasing any set of dumbbells, individuals need to take into consideration three main factors in order to choose weights that will suit their exercise, space, and portability needs.

Space Savers
Traditional dumbbell sets generally take up a lot of space, which can make it difficult to exercise in a small room. Exercisers need the space to move around and an easy way to switch between weights without having to take a break every time to do so. The above adjustable weights range from 14 inches by 15 inches to 12 inches by 6 inches to 15.75 inches by 8 inches, taking up considerably less room than standard weight sets. Many weights come with specially designed stands to store them on, making them optimal space savers for small exercise rooms.

With prices ranging from less than $100 to more than $400, dumbbell sets offer a cost-effective solution for regular weight lifters. Between buying power racks, kettlebells, weight benches, barbells, exercise bars, dumbbells, and home gyms, the price for exercising can quickly escalate to more than $1,000. Adjustable dumbbells allow users to lift weights in more than 30 different exercises, helping them build muscle without having to spend extra money on needless equipment.

Most weight lifters and athletes switch up their routines and environments to keep the workout fresh. Users should purchase adjustable weights that are portable in design, allowing users to take the weights with them to the gym, park, or friends’ homes without have to lug around additional equipment. Exercisers should be able to take only what they need without having to fill up their vehicle with weight bars and plates. When it comes to portability during exercise routines, users need to take into account the time and effort needed to switch weights. Individuals do not want weights that they have to manually switch out by removing or adding plates.

Top 3 Adjustable Dumbbells Comparison

If you want to make the best decision for yourself, then you must take into consideration both the pros and the cons of a certain product. Believe me, there’s nothing out there 100% perfect, but some of the adjustable dumbbells can actually get pretty close.

So, here you have a comparison of the technical specifications of each of the 3 products, as well as their Amazon rating and their price:

 Bowflex SelectTech 552PowerBlock SportBlock 2.4Ironmaster 75 lb Quick-Lock
Amazon Rating
Customer Reviews1929 Reviews206 Reviews107 Reviews
Number of dumbbells222
Weight Range
(min-max pounds)
5-52.5 3 to 24 5/1/75
Increments (pounds)
Number of weight settings151028
HandleRubber, ergonomicPadded Chrome plated
Warranty 2 Years90 daysLifetime
Our ReviewRead it nowRead it nowRead it now

You can simply have your adjustable dumbbells located at your home or in your bedroom, as it does not call for a lot of space. With a permanent set this is not the instance, as at this time there is a unique piece for every different weight, which takes up a lot of space in storage. Due to this reason, home users prefer to use adjustable dumbbells over fixed dumbbells as they are less heavy and more easy to do your training with.

  • – Affordable
  • Adjustable dumbbells are very affordable in contrast to fixed sets, this is since with the adjustable sets you need to buy only one set, unlike with fixed dumbbells you need to buy unique ones to have more than enough selection.
  • – Quality
  • Before you go for adjustable weight dumbbells, you demand to find yourself the people that are right for you and your workout. As at this time there are a number of brands of adjustable dumbbell sets out there in the market, it is necessary that you know the variance involving them in terms of cost and operation. Here are some famous brands.